Feb. 9th, 2017

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Начал писать "ты поправилась?". Но вовремя остановился, и заменил на "выздоровела" =)
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St.Adrian: Patron Saint of soldiers and butchers, he was a pagan
officer who converted to Christianity and suffered horrible tortures
before his death. He increases Charisma and Endurance (healing only)
by a modest amount, and greatly increases all weapon skills.

St.Agatha: Patron Saint of bells and nurses, she was subjected to many
tortures during the Roman persecutions. Depictions in art works led to
the practice of blessing bread on her holy day. She increases Charisma
and Endurance (healing only) by a modest amount; females gain a large
amount of Endurance.

St.Agnes: A great Christian symbol of virginity and innocence, Agnes
grants no benefits unless the party contains at least one female. She
increases local reputation and Charisma by a good amount.

St.Aidan: An Irish saint (also known as Maedoc) known for his
miraculous fasts and prayers, Aidan is also known for his kindness
and love of animals. He increases Woodwise by a very great amount,
and may allow the party to communicate with or control wild animals.

Ну и дальше до упора )

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